Thursday, 17 June 2010

Mike Hinge 009

In Jim Steranko's introduction to the "Mike Hinge Experience" it says that Hinge designed amongst supermarket interiors(!!) he also designed vinyl record sleeves. I have been curious to know what sleeves he designed I have yet to find out, but i do have what i believe is a personal piece that Mike would have produced in response to listening to a piece of Jazz music (Mike Hinge apparently loved jazz). The picture seen below has the name of the musician "Sonny Fortune" and the title of the album "Infinity Is" and the track name "Make Up".

I looked up "Sonny Fortune - Make Up" on youtube to see if they had a listing but unfortunately it wasn't listed but i did find a couple of other tracks from the same album which gave me a feel of where Mike was getting his inspiration... Now where would i start with finding out about supermarket interiors??...
Mike Hinge sketch of a labyrinth titled "Sonny Fortune - Infinity Is - Make Up". On white paper with pencil and grey ink. Approximate size 60x50cm. Date 1st & 2nd Sept/78. Unsigned.

A similar labyrinth was used for Mike Hinge's front cover for "Earth Unaware" by Mack Reynolds.

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