Sunday, 2 January 2011

Mike Hinge 093

Mike Hinge - Hung On You (4). Colour pen on thin paper. Approximate size 35x43cm. Date: Unknown. Signed.

This is the final image, redrawn, traced from the reduced print and coloured. There are some small differences the most noticeable is the choice to break the border where the lady's hair ribbon flows from the picture.

The question is who was the picture for and was it used? 

"Hung On You" was in the late 60's a psychedelic fashion boutique on Kings Road in London England and where there was also a fashion boutique called "Granny takes a Trip" that was at number 488 Kings Road (mostly associated with the English artists "Michael English and "Nigel Waymouth". I also found a remote reference to Coca Cola and "Hung On You" on the web, from a magazine from 1967 called "Boys Life" it has a Coca-Cola advert that has an article on a band called The Fortunes in this article the band visits "Hung On You" where they try on some clothes and drink Coca-Cola.


Mike Hinge 092

Mike Hinge - Hung On You (3). Some type of print (photocopy?). Approximate size 35x43cm. Date: Unknown. Signed (facsimile).

This is a print of the previous drawing reduced in size to 16 1/2".

Mike Hinge 091

Mike Hinge - Hung On You (2). Black pen on tracing paper. Approximate size 60x70cm. Date: Unknown. Signed.

The image is traced from the previous drawing but has been done more neatly and he has made an adjustment in placing the image centrally on the page and reducing the width by introducing a border on the right hand side. The hair of the woman is neater and more elegant and now she has a breast.

Written on the right hand edge in blue "NEG & POS MATTE STAT 16 1/2" ON MARKS".

Mike Hinge 090

Mike Hinge - Hung On You (1). Colour Pen on tracing paper. Approximate size 60x70cm. Date: Unknown. Unsigned.

I am calling this number 1 as it is perhaps the first drawn in a series of four pictures that I have of this design. This image is drawn and coloured in rough and is slightly larger than the following version.