Monday, 28 February 2011

Mike Hinge 096

Mike Hinge - Study. Pencil on white paper. Approximate size 60x70cm. Date: Unknown. Unsigned.

Some time last year I found an excellent website owned by Dan called "Dan's Fantasy Art Collection" and on his website he had a similar "Study" by Mike Hinge but with a more evolved picture that you can see "here" (21 pictures down). Dan told me that this work was commissioned to illustrate "Redeemer"- a story by Gregory Benford in Analog Magazine April 1979, but carries the notation on the back "rejected/unpublished".

The published "Redeemer" illustration can be seen below.
The original of this picture was recently sold on ebay and of course I really wanted it but unfortunately my finances wouldn't allow it. Congratulations on who did! Please get in contact...

In the last few weeks through the grapevine I was contacted by Matt (a friend of Mike Hinge). Due to a house move he thought the time had come to let go of some Mike Hinge - tear sheets, photocopies, books and printers proofs that Mike had given him over the years. The long treasure items have now safely arrived with me and I now plan to share all the pieces here...first off... Look familiar?

Mike Hinge - A3 size black and white photocopy, date unknown.

Mike Hinge - A4 colour photocopy and acrylic paint (the title Weird Tales has been hand painted). 
Date: Summer 1993?

Thanks Dan, Thanks Matt.


  1. Ha-ha, he never learned to draw people properly! Roger Dean also had problems in this area - beautiful designs, but when needed to render human form, he turned attention to photographs. In 70's at least - now he rarely draws characters in his landscapes. Those 'not right' people still have a certain charm influenced by overall style of artists.
    That face in accepted Redeemer illustration must have been referenced from magazine or, perhaps, snapshot from TV screen - so different it from rejected one.
    Those technical abstractions with buttons and circuitry look, not to search for better word, bombastic.

  2. Hi Pinwizz, I really like both designs. Mike's style is very different in each. The first Redeemer illustration is a very strong illustration and has some great detail but having read the story for what it was intended I can say that the picture would not have worked. In the story there is only one female character described and that was of a "plain-faced woman, wrinkled and wiry, her hands thick and calloused, the fingers stubby, the nails clipped off square".

    The second Redeemer illustration is a classic Mike Hinge design full of futuristic technology, buttons, patterns, printed circuits and digital typeface and a nice portrait simplified into light and shade. I think this illustration not only fits the story well but is also a great illustrated design. I like the eclectic feel and the thrill of all those buttons and patterns with the cool almost abstract portrait, the spaceship/satellite is also very well rendered and has a really nice juxtaposition against the portrait that suggests a starry super nova sky.

  3. I remember seeing "Redeemer" on eBay and seriously considered placing a bid. I sort of wish I had, but oh well -- collecting is often all about missed opportunities.

    Great blog... I'm looking forward to digging a bit deeper into it.

  4. Cheers Doc Atomic, Loving your blogs. Particularly like your latest acquisitions from Tom Nachreiner. As well as your other paintings.