Friday, 29 April 2011

Mike Hinge 105

Mike Hinge - May Co Wilshire, Oriental Bazaar. Pen and Ink on thin paper. Approximate size 60x70cm. Date: Unknown. Unsigned.

This is one of Mike's advertising pieces for a store in Los Angeles called May & Co on Wilshire Boulevard. The building itself is pretty grand and impressive, I'd love to see it for real one day. This piece would have been produced when Mike lived in Los-Angeles either as freelance or with an Advertising Agency.

There is another version of this piece that I have seen but do not have. The other version is signed and has the same composition but has different colouring and doesn't have the text or border. If you have it fantastic! It is a really nice piece. Please feel free to get in touch.

It is well documented that in 1959 Mike Hinge emigrated to the US and lived and studied art in Los Angeles and whilst there In Los Angeles he worked at major advertising agencies and also freelanced. Now the thing is I would love to know the names of the Advertising Agencies and the clients that he produced work. Up until now I haven't been able to find this information. (I know that later when he moved to New York he worked for Young & Rubicam & BBDO). I do have one clue that whilst living in Los Angeles one of the agencies he worked for was co-owned by a contessa in Beverly Hills [sic],  perhaps meaning a Countess(?) .

Mike Hinge 104

Mike Hinge - May Co Wilshire. Pen on thin paper. Approximate size 60x70cm. Date: Unknown. Unsigned.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Mike Hinge 103

Mike Hinge - Easter Bunny Honey. Pen and Ink on white card. Approximate size 30x40cm. Date unknown. Unsigned.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Mike Hinge 102

Mike Hinge - Planetoid Idiot. Water colour, ink on white paper. Approximate size 30x40cm. Date July 1966. Signed.

I believe that this was a proposed cover illustration for "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction", May 1967 for the short story "Planetoid Idiot" by Phylis Gotlieb. It didn't get used and instead it was illustrated by Ronald Walotsky. The blank boxes at the top of the illustration would have fitted the magazines title. If it had got published it would have been his first Cover for the popular monthly science fiction magazine market. However that didn't come until later, when Ted White commissioned a cover for "Amazing Science Fiction", November 1970 and with a similar style and robot theme of a close up of a robots hand.

Planetoid detail1

Planetoid detail2

Planetoid detail3

Planetoid detail4

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mike Hinge 101

Mike Hinge - Geometric Girl. Marker pen on white paper. Approximate size 30x40cm. Date unknown. Unsigned.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mike Hinge 100

Mike Hinge - Popular Mechanics. Colour ink & Paint on Hammermill Bond paper. Approximate size 43x58.5cm. Date: Unknown. Signed.

detail 1

detail 2

detail 3

detail 4

detail 5

detail 6

detail 7