Monday, 16 May 2011

Mike Hinge 110

Mike Hinge - Penny's - Wampoise ad for The Los Angeles Examiner. Large printed advert on newsprint paper. Approximate size 60x70cm. Date: 11th November 1960. Unsigned.


  1. I like composition in this with flow from left to right towards the viewer. Black background of couse accentuates the overall bright form, but this distinction also could be interpreted as day and night - with 'tots' playing in sunlight and 'misses' going to theater. Also note that, aside of proporrtions, age represented by progressively crossing arms, which add the sense of mystery.

  2. Hi Pinwizz
    A great review, nice observation of the day and night, clever that the girl's hoop can be interpreted as the sun. I didn't notice that. The flow from left to right like the setting sun. And the gradual process of the crossing of arms. I like your style.

    All the best