Sunday, 28 August 2011

Merchandise feedback so far...

I’ve had some feedback regarding Mike Hinge merchandise and it’s clear that amongst the things most wanted is a Mike Hinge book. A worthy tribute to Mike and his art is something that would be very much appreciated and long overdue - a complete omnibus of his work from his early New Zealand work, advertising, published SF works and Kinetic Art. As well it has been suggested a reprint of "The Mike Hinge Experience" or even a "Mike Hinge Experience II" either physical book reprint or a digital publication or even an interactive digital comic application as available on comiXology. Unfortunately though Jane Frank doesn't have any current plans for a book, but has suggested in the email i received at the time of hearing news about merchandise, at sometime a book could be put together. Perhaps if momentum continues we could see it happen sometime soon?

Other merchandise indicated as wanted are T-Shirts, posters and prints.

Another exciting and really interesting proposal was, to create an award in Mike's name that could be presented at a selected SF convention and It was suggested that this could be made possible from some of the profits from the Mike Hinge merchandise. The award could be to recognise new talent or work of excellence in a particular area of graphic art illustration related to science fiction. I think that this could be a really positive way to honour the memory of Mike's work.

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