Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Mike Hinge 80th Anniversary

Today is Mike Hinge's birthday, he would have been 80 years old. To celebrate this date I will be posting Memoirs, short stories, tributes and rare artwork sent to me specially for this occasion by friends of Mike FOM's (put by Sandford) and art from a fellow fan and collector.

List of contributions (which will appear as separate posts*):

*Mike Hinge 80th Anniversary: Matt Howarth
- Unlocking some Hinged Memories by Matt Howarth
- The Domino Afternoon by Matt Howarth (download link)
- Separation Anxiety by Matt Howarth (download link)

*Mike Hinge 80th Anniversary: Sandford Zane Meshkow
- MICHAEL B. (for BARRY) HINGE: A MIND NEVER AT REST bSanford Zane Meschkow
- A Friend of Max by Sandford Zane Meshkow (download link)
- Mike's actual date of birth

*Mike Hinge 80th Anniversary: Andrew Porter
- Photograph of Mike Hinge with Ted White and Fred Von Bernewitz.
- Mediascene front cover Prelim of Fred Dreyfuss in Close Encounters
- Cover of MEDIASCENE, section two, issue 28, Nov-Dec 1977
- Cover of ALGOL Vol. 12 No. 2, Issue No. 24, Summer 1975
- Cover of Starship Vol. 17 No. 2, Whole No. 38, Spring 1980

*Mike Hinge 80th Anniversary: Alex Jay
- 13th Annual Type Director's Club Show (TDC XIII) of 1967 (including Scans)
- Alphabet Thesaurus Vol. 3, A Treasury of Letter Design by Photo-Lettering Inc., 1971. (including scans)
- The Onyx Group, Design Quarterly 78/79 (including scans)
- Mars One Crew Manual (including scans)
- Photographs of Mike Hinge

*Mike Hinge 80th Anniversary: Roger Hines
- Tribute to Mike Hinge
- The Art Center College of Design...a strong foundation in the "basics"...then to more "edgy"
- Mike Hinge short film collaboration "CITY" 

*Mike Hinge 80th Anniversary: Kevin Foakes
- Original cover art of MEDIASCENE, issue 10, May-Jun 1974
- Rough experimental art for the LP Word Jazz by Ken Nordine

*Mike Hinge 80th Anniversary: Mike Hinge
- Unpublished Illustrated story by Mike Hinge 


  1. wow, just dropped in to check out the place and I am Blown away! Nice work, there, Ivan!
    Glad to see you got some stuff from Andy Porter

  2. Thank you Cecilia, I to am blown away I was overwhelmed by everyone's participation. It is wonderful to know that Mike Hinge had such lovely friends.

  3. Long live Mike Hinge! What a wonderful way to celebrate the date. It will take some time to read and see it all, but it already looks like there is a lot of exceptionally interesting stuff. Thanks to all who contributed, and of couse to you who collected and relayed it to the Net!

  4. Thank you Pinwizz, I really enjoyed compiling this information. I learnt a lot of fascinating stories about Mike Hinge which I am glad to share. I hope you enjoy it and get as much out of it as I did.