Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mike Hinge - 149

A psychedelic burst of colour curls and shapes, this is the second picture (of two) which I purchased from a collector about a year ago. The other is the psychedelic angel I posted in 148, on the occasion of Mike's birthday.

Mike Hinge - Marker pen on white card. Approximate size 35 x 42.5cm. Date 1967, signed.


  1. Seems like some eastern motifs or what's those spiky things are?
    Great that you returned with the updates. I checked from time to time and hoped for something new. Will be any updates on 2onyx too?

  2. Hi Pinwizz, Thanks for stopping by, I'm hoping to get back into posting again more regularly, I still have quite a few more pictures I would like to share. I like your idea that some of the spiky shape look like eastern motifs. The shapes are a bit suggestive but given that I think of them as alien planet flora. In Mike's picture of Douglas Fairbanks Jr (Mike Hinge 013) there are some minarets on the Horizon. Onyx2 is the marvellous blog from Woody Rainey and Ron Williams with those that they say "real and imagined" participants of Onyx. The interview I have been told is a work in progress, constantly changing and filling in the bits that are missing.

  3. Will wait for the new stuff!