Monday, 21 June 2010

Mike Hinge 013

Mike Hinge image of pegasus (Mobil Oil?), a man in a turban and possibly somewhere in India skyline?. Marker pen on white paper. Approx size 50x60cm. Date unknown. Signed.

This image is a mystery anyone that can possibly shed any light on what the image represents and who it is in the picture would be appreciated. Could it have been another Time magazine cover?

UPDATE: 15/05/2011 - Thank you to Cecilia that pointed out that these portraits resembled Douglas Fairbanks Jnr, in the 1947 film version of "Sinbad the Sailor". I am happy to believe that this is correct.

A pencil sketch on white paper approx size 50x60cm. Date unknown. Signed.


  1. The man looks like Douglas Fairbanks Jr

    probably as Sindbad or something similar:

  2. Hi Ceilia
    Wow! You're right I'm sure of it. That link sort of proves it. Even the shirt he wears in the film is similar.

    All the best