Sunday, 31 October 2010

Mike Hinge 088

Mike Hinge - Lady Web. Pencil on tracing paper. Approximate size 70x60cm. Date unknown. Unsigned.


  1. Glad that you're back to this blog. And glad that you chose new format with detail images - previous were sometimes too small to figure out what happens on them especially when they are pencil sketches with so much stuff put into them. But maybe bigger images would be better option than additional detail pictures?

  2. Thanks Pinwizz, Some great suggestions and has given me the motivation to make some changes that I had wanted to do for some time as well. After a bit of tinkering the Layout is now slightly different and can now, at last, allow me to post larger images.

    Some of my Previous pictures I also hope at some point to update not only with larger pictures but also better quality as some are not as clear as I would like.

    All the very best Ivan.

  3. I don't run blog at blogspot, but I imagine that layout takes effect on the size of thumbnail (preview image that one clicks to get full image on separate page) and full image can be any size that you wish. Is it different?
    Either way it is great that this blog exists because just a year ago there was just a few images of Hinge's works online aside of Heavy Metal scans.

  4. Hi pinwizz,

    Thanks for the comment keep watching I still have quite a few more of Mike Hinge's work to post. I hope that one day someone will bring out a book on Mike Hinge or put on an exhibition of his work.

    For this blog I have changed to a new template as the previous default one wouldn't allow me to change the width to a wider view. Now I can post the pictures at actual size rather than the smaller preview. Before an actual size image would get cropped and looked terrible.

    I hope the blog looks better now.