Thursday, 16 December 2010

Mike Hinge 089

Mike Hinge - Christmas Plonk. Pencil, pen and gold coloured sticker on white card. Approximate size 34x45cm. Date: Unknown. Unsigned.

The picture appears to be unfinished as there are pencil bits not inked. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not I have recreated a couple of versions one without the pencil and one inked (the contrast of the pencil increased on photoshop).


  1. New entry at last! And at good resolution.

    BLOG?! Have Photoshop touched also the bottle?

    It's hard to make out what he intended to do with eyes of a guy (if these are eyes), but for shure he tried the idea that adding a tongue will make picture look more 'tasty'. I almost imagine how he finished picture and the next day he woke up and idea sprang in his mind.

  2. Cheers pinwizz,

    Sorry it has been so long between posts, time goes so quickly for me the past few weeks... I am pleased to that the resolution is better I should have started the blog with this resolution but I guess I am learning as i go along.

    No photoshop tricks on the bottle, a happy coincidence that Hinge wrote BLOG on there.

    I like your idea that Hinge pencilled in the eyes and tongue the next day. It makes a good story and makes sense.