Saturday, 20 August 2011

Mike Hinge 121

Thank you again to everyone that contributed towards the Mike Hinge 80th anniversary it was a brilliant experience and I'm still very excited by it all and the feedback from everyone thank you very much. It was really good knowing that Mike was remembered so well and had made such good friends. His popularity then and now will continue to grow.

Mike Hinge -Bionic Hand. Colour photocopy collage. Gloss paper. Approximate size 18x13cm. Date unknown.

From the collection of Mike Hinge photocopies. Above is small colour photocopy of A detail taken from the Six Million Dollar Man centre-spread from Mediascene. The image is reproduced smaller than the actual printed image from mediascene and the colours reproduced are slightly different with a more purple graduation and a glossy look. A pattern (taken from lower down in the actual printed image from mediascene has been pasted where Steve Austin (Six Million Dollar Man) was and two triangular areas have been blackened out with black marker pen. See below for comparison.  

For reference to the original art click here. (Thanks Kev).

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  1. Congratulations to the person that won the two Mike Hinge originals "Pop Art 1967" on ebay a few days ago. They're really nice pictures, amazing, wish it was me that had won! : D