Saturday, 20 August 2011

Mike Hinge News Flash

I have had some amazing news from Jane Frank, (she's the agent for Mike's estate), at Wow-Art. Currently she is in the process of considering to develop a line of Mike Hinge merchandise!!! And has asked for the viewers of Onyxcube what type of merchandise you would buy and also to know what are your favourite Mike Hinge images. I will see about setting up a questionnaire ASAP.


  1. Hmm difficult setting up a poll... It didn't work that well. I'll keep trying but in the meantime please feel free to add your preferences here.

    Here are some things that would have been in the poll for Merchandise.

    Pin Badges
    Oyster (credit card) plastic wallet holder

    My Choices are all the above, except perhaps the mug (cost of shipping to the UK and the possibility of damage). If it had to be just one choice it would be a screen printed T-Shirt.

    Favourite Mike Hinge Image?
    So many to choose from not sure but most probably something colourful and psychedelic like "Atom Heart Mother #2" from post 006 (already a design for a t-shirt) Or something from the Mike Hinge Experience.
    20 August 2011 18:20

  2. A digital epub or comixology style interactive digital comic app reprinting of the Mike Hinge Experience or better yet a larger omnibus collection of his work would be wonderful as well. The cover to the M.E. Art book would be a cool shirt but there's so many images that would lend themselves to a shirt or poster. Much success!

  3. Cheers Rafael,
    Some really nice ideas I hadn't heard of comixology before now. I too would love a t-shirt with that image from the Mike Hinge experience, like you say there's so many images to choose from, could end up filling an entire wardrobe or two. I have just posted an update of Merchandise feedback so far...

  4. I love the idea of an ebook - Mike's work was so 'futuristic' while grounded in The Now that an ebook is a wonderful tribute.