Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mike Hinge - Witzend Cover 1969

Mike Hinge - front and back cover for Witzend magazine 1969. 

Below we have a rare treat of seeing the original cover artwork, sent in by a private collector, which they are happy to share, thank you very much. The artwork is the photostats that were pasted onto a board which is called the mechanical. The printer photographs themechanical as a film negative. The negative is then used to burn the printing plates.

01: Yellow plate mechanical (photostat of circuit diagram pasted on illustration board; the photostats shrank a bit)

 02: Red plate mechanical (photostat of cranks, shafts and gears pasted on illustration board)

03 and 04: Tissue overlay with instructions to the printer ("Drop two figures out of this plate" means the red robots are not printed over the yellow sphere; or one could say, the robots are in the foreground and the sphere is in the background.)

05: Robots artwork (ink drawing on Strathmore bristol board)

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