Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mike Hinge 150 - 154

Here we have a collection of four preliminary pencil drawings and an almost complete preliminary dayglo painting. The subject appears to be a robot with a man's face or perhaps a man in a space suit or a man in a robotic shell. One of the drawings is dated 10/11 October 1978 so I am assuming that they will all be from this year as the pictures came to me together in one folder.

Written on one of the pictures are what might suggest a title or a clue for what the drawings were intended. "Dance of Light, Dance of Photon, Dance of Phaeton, Metamorphosis, Photon". I had a search on the internet for any possible SF story with a possible connection however I didn't find anything. An interesting search of "Phaeton robot" came up with "Exosquad" a tv series conceived by Jeff Segal in 1989, most probably not connected but interestingly humans and neosapiens are shelled inside a robot like "exo-skeleton" or "E-Frame" as described in the opening titles of the program. Could it have been possible that Jeff Segal, knew Mike in 1978 and this was some drawings done for the proposed show?

The last picture in this collection is the largest of the pictures a drawing on tracing paper. The paper is folded in half and can be opened out to double in size. The other side of the paper is blank but gave the idea that it was intended to have the reverse image to make a complete mirror image. Interestingly the half image also works on its own as a complete image if placed on its side. I don't know if a completed picture was ever made from any of these images but out of interest I made a reverse image of the largest drawing in photoshop to have a better idea what the completed picture might have looked like.

 Mike Hinge - Dance of Phaeton I . Dayglo paint on paper. Approximate size 60x49cm. Circa 1978. unsigned.

 Mike Hinge - Dance of Phaeton II . Pencil on paper. Approximate size 49x60cm. Circa 1978. unsigned.

  Mike Hinge - Dance of Phaeton III . Pencil on paper. Approximate size 60x49cm. Circa 1978. unsigned.
     Mike Hinge - Dance of Phaeton IV . Pencil on paper. Approximate size 60x49cm. Circa 1978. unsigned.
 Mike Hinge - Dance of Phaeton V . Pencil on tracing paper. Approximate size 38x106cm. Circa 1978. unsigned.

Mike Hinge - Dance of Phaeton V (Close-up 1)

Mike Hinge - Dance of Phaeton V (Close-up 2)

Mike Hinge - Dance of Phaeton V . Photoshoped image of original with added reverse . 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mike Hinge - 149

A psychedelic burst of colour curls and shapes, this is the second picture (of two) which I purchased from a collector about a year ago. The other is the psychedelic angel I posted in 148, on the occasion of Mike's birthday.

Mike Hinge - Marker pen on white card. Approximate size 35 x 42.5cm. Date 1967, signed.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Mike Hinge - 82nd Birthday Anniversary - Psychedelic Angel - 148

Remembering that today is Mike Hinge's birthday, he would have been 82 years old. 

Apologies for not updating for such a long while, please be patient and I will be back again soon with more of Mike's work as soon as possible. In the meantime I couldn't let Mike's birthday go unmarked so decided to post this rather lovely, amazing image of a Psychedelic Angel blowing a horn of some kind. I purchased this picture from a collector on ebay, around about a year ago, with one other picture which I shall post shortly. This picture and the other unposted picture are a similar size and type of paper and use marker pen but the other picture is dated 1967 and I am assuming that this picture would also be circa 1967. 

 Mike Hinge - Psychedelic Angel . Marker pen on white paper. Approximate size 35x42cm. Circa 1967. Signed.