Sunday, 20 November 2016

Mike Hinge - Elleorde - Open Wide & Eat The Future

Elleorde - Open Wide & Eat The Future
It's a thing of beauty, a brand new vinyl record by Elleorde with a Mike Hinge illustrated front cover. This debut release Open Wide & Eat The Future is a sci-fi disco duel at high noon. It's funky, hip, electronic music that soars the air with swooshes and squelches like the alien Liberator space ship, from Blake's 7. The acknowledged musical influences are War, Dexter Wansel, Tantra, Cerrone, Ennio Morricone and Supermax. The record only available on vinyl, is a great listen and a rich sonic experience I'm looking forward to share. 

You can listen to Elleorde here on soundcloud and read a great review of the LP here at Piccadilly Records where you can also purchase Open Wide & Eat The Future. For booking live shows or DJ sets:

Approached through the pages of Onyx Cube I was very pleased when I first heard the plan to use a Mike Hinge illustration and inspired lettering for a new LP. Mike's precious legacy of artwork deserves to be seen more widely and used through exciting projects like Elleorde. Although Mike was well published with over forty front covers for various books and magazines (including two for Time magazine) plus hundreds of interior illustrations history seems not to remember his influence as much as I would perhaps like. I know that there are many like me that appreciate Mike's work and find his art as resonant, relevant and inspiring today as ever. Let it be remembered Mike Hinge was one of the original psychedelic artist's of the sixties and seventies that had his own particular style which was influential to some maybe more remembered artists of his time. I'm sure that Mike would be pleased and appreciate seeing his artwork gracing Elleorde's LP.

I am over the moon to be credited on the LP along with others including Jane Frank (the authorised agent for the estate of Mike Hinge) at Wow-Art and Alex Jay friend of Mike Hinge (and graphic designer and letter artist) that has an amazing blog on lettering at Tenth Letter of the Alphabet

Thank you Elleorde.

Top left: Amazing Science Fiction Stories - May 1972. Below two Elleorde pin badges. Right Elleorde - Open Wide & Eat The Future - 2016.

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