Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Mike Hinge - 86th Birthday Anniversary

Remembering Mike, today 9th August, on what would have been his 86th birthday. I have searched through my Mike Hinge photocopy archive and have found a few interesting pieces. Mike liked to smoke roll up tobacco and also seems to have enjoyed drawing tobacconists.
Mike Hinge, Tobacconist 1786, A4 Photocopy, date unknown.
Appropriately the the date 1786 could be a reference to this current year 17 and 86 to Mike's age. However it happens that the tobacconist established in 1786 was W.D & H.O Wills a British importer of tobacco and cigarette manufacturer. The next image is again of a tobacconists but is taken from the Supergraphics publication "The Mike Hinge Experience". 
The Mike Hinge Experience, Supergraphics 1973
Back to the photocopy Archive and I have a rare rubber-stamped proofing of an image of a space shuttle which was include in, "The Mars One Crew Manual" published by Ballantine Books, in 1985. Mike also drew a further 60 illustrations for the publication.

Mike Hinge, Space Shuttle, A4 Photocopy circa 1985

Again from the photocopy archive I have two unpublished images which were intended for the "Mars One Crew Manual".

Mike Hinge, Pilot's Launch Position, A4 Photocopy circa 1985

Mike Hinge, Flight Deck Comander's Launch Position, A4 Photocopy circa 1985



  1. Is awesome to see my late uncles pictures here-Rest in Peace Uncle Barry (Mike) Xx Love your niece Fleur.

    1. Hi Fleur, Thanks for your comment and respects, Mike's work was truly awesome. I would love to hear of any anecdotes you may remember of your Uncle.

  2. Hi. I have about 30 original Hinge drawings and an original oil painting. Where do you think my best selling site is?