Monday, 2 May 2011

Mike Hinge 106

Mike Hinge - Penny's Times and Exam rough Ad. Pen on thin paper. Approximate size 60x70cm. Date: 12/12/1960. Unsigned.

Almost a year and a half after arriving in Los Angeles an advertising rough for JC Penny's department Stores for what I am guessing is for the newspapers "The Los Angeles Times" and "The Los Angeles Examiner".

The copy at the top says "She'll love you for giving her our home appliance values. Your choice... One low price".


  1. Love the expressive gaze!

    Seems like earliest dated artwork after 1954 Time fanzine that appeared on Onyx Cube yet.

  2. Hi Pinwizz
    You're right so far this is the earliest dated artwork I have posted since the Time Fanzine. I just had to check on the next one or two that I had planned to post in the next week or so and there's an advertising piece that is March the 3rd 1960!

    I've just noticed that on Wikipedia it says that Mike Hinge was granted a green card in 1958 and left in June to the US admittedly it doesn't directly say June 1958 but that is what I assumed and it implies. But In Jane Frank's "A Biographical Dictionary Sci-Fi and Fantasy Artists of the 20th Century" it says that Mike emigrated to the US in 1959, which is what I have taken as correct.

    I agree the eyes are lovely and expressive and powerful in the way that they draw you into the ad.

    All the best