Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mike Hinge 122

Mike Hinge - What's Cooking with Springmaid (1 of  6). Marker pen on white paper. Approximate size 42x34cm. Date unknown. Unsigned.

There have been quite a few very nice Mike Hinge pictures for sale on ebay recently. I hope some of you have managed to get a picture or two. I noticed that there was a really interesting piece an advertising storyboard for a Buick saloon car, perhaps quite rare as I am not aware of any filmed TV adverts Mike worked on apart from that one. Unfortunately I didn't get the piece as I would have liked to. I don't know if that Buick advert was just a concept piece or actually got made.

Now back to the Springmaid illustration this is one of six of a series of rough sketches for a Springmaid promotion. The series of illustrations are for a counter display box advertising a competition to be a model for Spring Mill's Springmaid (a fabric bed linen/clothes company). This I think is the type of advertising that Roger Hines pointed out that Mike did a lot of, point of purchase/sales promotion or POP that would be as Roger put it, "counter cards and displays for merchandise, kiosks, in store merchandising promotions".   

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